Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to install Turbo C++ on ubuntu linux...??

Turbo C++ is C/C++ compiler developed by Borland and is used to develop c, c++ programs and applications.
It has a compiler,basic editor and a debugger. The explorer version is freeware whereas for professional version you have to pay a small price.It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment ).

The IDE is very popular because of its simple interface,small size,good
manuals and fast compile speed.It  is one of the many IDEs available to
program in C/C++ on Windows.Although GCC is available on linux but
some students or developers still use Turbo C++ to write their C++
programs and want to use it on linux ,well this post is for them.

To run Turbo C++ in Ubuntu(Linux) u should have two things:

1.Turbo C++ setup
   If you have the setup then excellent but if you don't then download it
   from here.
   ( Password : maitnoobsatwork )

2.DOSBox Emulator
   If you have it installed on your system the good but if you don't go to
   Applications-->Ubuntu Software Center and search for DOSBox and
   install the emulator.

Now follow these steps...

1.Extract the rar file you downloaded from the link above and you'll
   get a setup folder.
   Move the folder to your home folder(Places-->Home Folder).

2.Open the DOSBox emulator

   Write the following commands :
   1.mount c ~
   2.C: setup

3.The turbo C++ installation utility will appear.Press Enter.
   Enter the source drive as C.Press Enter.
   Change the source path to \setup if it isn't.Press Enter.


4.Select Start Installation and Press Enter.
   The installer will install the files.Once finished u can delete the
   setup folder.

5.To run the Turbo C++ every time run the following commands:
   1.mount c ~
   2.C: tc\bin

To enter into fullscreen mode press Alt+Enter and press it again for window mode.

That's all....If you found this helpful like/comment/share this post with your friends... :)


Siavash Fahimi said...

Thank you for the instruction :)

But I've got a problem which annoys me. The problem is that reference is missing in My C++ so I can not run programs which need this reference.

Do you have any tip for this issue?

Thanks in advance

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