Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to permanently delete your Facebook account...???? word that no one knew before 2004 and now it has become a huge brand.The social networking site with more than 750 million members has now intruded so much into our lives that we can't ignore it.

Where do you find your friends???.....Facebook
How to inform everybody about an event,reunion or competition??.....Facebook
How to promote a band/celebrity/item???....Facebook
How to talk with everybody at the same time in a group???....Facebook

But some people dont find the site any more interesting or feel
insecure on facebook and want to delete their accounts.Some of you might
have friends who put up status updates that they are going to delete their
accounts soon....;) but never do's your solution
You have the option of temporary deactivation in facebook but that's just..
...temporary.If you want to delete the account you do not find an option or a


The link to delete your account permanently is

If you agree after going to this link they'll ask you to fill a small form
and submit your account for deletion in 14 days of course you can cancel the
deletion before 14 days by logging into your account.

So how many of you people are actually( ;) ) going to delete their account....??

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