Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Changing the layout of minimize/maximize/close buttons in ubuntu.....

If you have recently migrated to ubuntu
and find it hard to deal with max,min and close button then don't worry you can change the position of these buttons to top right just like you have these buttons on the right in windows.
(Tested in Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04)


Just follow these simple steps:-
1.Press "Alt+F2" to launch "Run Application" window in Ubuntu 10.04.
   In 11.04 this will bring up the "Run a command" window in Unity.

2.Search and lauch "gconf-editor". (Without quotes)

3. Go to " / -->apps-->metacity-->
general ". Under that, look for "button   

4. Double click on it and enter the value ":minimize,maximize,close" or  
     "menu:minimize,maximize,close" and click OK.Both are just slightly     
     different you can choose the one you like.

That's it. Notice the position of the buttons in window now.If the buttons
haven't changes their positions repeat the steps.

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