Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to play nintendo games on linux...??

Who remembers the good old days
when mario, contra and tank were the best games?
I do... ;)

So in this post i'll tell you how to play those games again.. :)

If you want to relive those memories on your linux box this is how you do it..

1.Go to Ubuntu Software Centre and search for 'GFCE Ultra NES emulator'.

2.Install it.

3.Now this emulator plays ROM now all you have to do is get the

4. A bunch of ROM files can be found here.

5. Just download the torrent file and add it in Transmission or any torrent client
    that you have.

6. Once you have downloaded it....Launch the GFCE emulator and add the
    ROM and then click execute...

  and voila!

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