Thursday, July 7, 2011

Installing Ubuntu 10.04 from wubi Installer...the easy way!!

To make things easy for Windows users Ubuntu 10.04 comes with a new wubi installer which helps you to install ubuntu within Windows as a program and uninstall it if you do not want to use it...just like any other software...

To install ubuntu from the wubi installer....follow these steps:

Step 1:Insert the CD/DVD or the Live USB drive that you created from this post 

Step 2: The autorun will launch the Ubuntu menu if it doesn't go to the CD/DVD or the USB 
           drive and double-click wubi.exe.

Step 3: Install ubuntu outside windows using the demo and full installation option...refer to post

Step 4: Select install inside windows.

Step 5: Select the Lnaguage,Installation drive,username,password etc.
           Click Install.

Step 6: Wait while the installer installs the files

Step 7: Reboot after the wizard finishes and select Ubuntu from the OS choice menu.

Step 8: Wait for the installer to finish copying files...reboot after the installer is finished.

Step 9: Select Ubuntu linux from the grub menu.

Step 10:Enter your username and log in.

Step 11: If you wish to uninstall Ubuntu later boot into windows and select Ubuntu and
              click Uninstall  in add/remove programs.

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