Thursday, July 7, 2011

UNetbootin.....create your own live USB drive

There are many ways to install an operating system (OS).
You can install it from a cd,dvd or by creating Live USB drive.
One of the many softwares that you can use for creating a bootable drive is UNetbootin, the Universal Netboot Installer.
You can get it at

UNetbootin can download the files of the linux distribution that you specify or use an ISO image of a cd/DVD to create a live USB drive.
The steps to create a Live USB drive are very easy.

Step 1: Format the USB drive. 

Step 2: Download the UNetbootin Installer from the link above.

Step 3: Double-click the downloaded file. Windows gives a security warning,

            ignore this and click Run.

Step 4: Now if you do not have the image to create a USB stick, select the

            Distribution radio button and select your distribution and version from
            the dropdown list.
            If you have the ISO image of the CD/DVD then select the Diskimage radio

            button and select the image file from your hard disk. 


Step 5: You can show all drives by checking the show all drives checkbox but do
            this with care as a mistake may chage your system settings.
            Select the USB drive from type and the drive.

Step 6: Check everything and click OK.

Step 7: Wait while it copies the files to your USB drive. 

Step 8: Once the installer completes reboot the system. 

Your own Live USB drive :)

Enter the boot menu and select Removable Devices/USB Hard disk from the menu to install from this Live USB drive.

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