Friday, July 8, 2011

Installing Ubuntu 10.04 from a CD/DVD

Installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is easier than ever.The Ubuntu developers are making the new versions of ubuntu
more user-friendly so that even an experienceless user may not have a hard time installing ubuntu.

To install ubuntu you must have one of these :

1. A bootable ubuntu CD/DVD.

2. A wubi(wubi.exe) installer for Windows users.

                                                      3. A Live USB drive containing Ubuntu files.

To install from a wubi installer go to my post

To install from a from a Live USB drive go my post to create a Live USB drive and then follow the Steps from  2 to 20.

To install from a CD/DVD follow these steps:-

Step 1: Insert the CD and choose boot from CD/DVD in the boot menu in case you haven't given

            it the first priority in the boot order.If you want to try ubuntu without installing or changing
            files on your system select Try ubuntu without installing.If you want to install ubuntu 
            select Install Ubuntu.

Step 2: The Install window appears, select Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS to install ubuntu.

Step 3: Select your location and time zone and click forward.

Step 4: Select your keyboard layout and click forward.

Step 5: Now proceed with care.....If you have got a new drive that does not have
            a pre-installed OS
           Then you may use the option Erase and use entire disk option or you can  

           specify partition manually.
           If you want to dual boot with windows i advise you to create a partion and

           select this partition in Step 8.
           I choose to specify manually to show you how to install it manually.

Step 6: Select the disk and click New Partition Table to create a new partition and press continue.

Step 7: The installer will show a free space select it and click add.

Step 8:  Now the file system in linux is slightly different from windows.In linux there's a single
             directory 'root' denoted by / and all the users and files are inside this folder.
             The file systems in linux are ext2,ext3 and the new ext4.Note that windows cannot read 

             these file system on its own.
             So select your patition type,size,location.
             Select ext4 file system from Use as list.
             Select mount point /. Press OK.

Step 9:  Now the system uses a swap area to place its temporary files if you do not give this

             space from its Hard disk the installer uses the RAM as swap area.
             So if you have extra HD space you can allot 2-4 GB as swap area.
             To create swap area just create a parition like step 8 except in this case select swap

             from Use as list.

Step 10: Now select the ext4 file system from the main window and click forward.

Step 11: In my case i did not use a swap area so ubuntu gives a warning.Press continue.

Step 14: Fill you details....and your login preference.

Step 15: Review your can make changes by clicking back....if you want to install
             with these settings click install.
             Please remove your internet cable or the installer will fetch updates from server..
             I advise to update once you install your system as updates may make the system 

             unstable. (Chances of this are although very rare ;) )

Step 16: Wait while installer copies the files...

Step 17: Reboot the system after installation.

Step 18: If you have dual-booted the system with windows select Ubuntu with linux from the grub 


Step 19: Login with your username and password.

Step 20: Enjoy your new system... :)

Arun N said...

I think this your real hard work bro! Simply awesome, A few months before i was trying a guide to instal redhat linux but i struck inbetween due to insufficient knowledge in partitioning and /root allocation and all. But i think you deserve an appreciation. I shall give you one suggesstion, why not you write an advantage of linux over windows in a five hundred words post and submit to me, I will give you a dofollow backlink. Sorry first I'd introduce me na. I'm Arun lenzfire, Editor in chief of, you can submit as a word document to my email: Let us build a professional relationship between us. I always encourage real work of bloggers

Dhiraj Thakur said...

Thank you for your appreciation...Arun :)...i wrote this for an average person who is not so much into computers and wants to try linux...i myself learned quite a lot while designing this post...

and about your doc i'll mail it to you in a day or two...
Thanks again for your response :)

naimishika said...

Nice blog dhiraj, but as i think you should change the colour of the heading (green) to another colour..

Dhiraj Thakur said...

@naimishika:Thanks....will do...:)

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