Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ubuntu....Linux for Human Beings..!!

In case you are wondering about the title,this indeed is Ubuntu's tag line.
So, why GNU/Linux??
Well if you are fed up with your windows/OS X installation or you have started facing problems regarding  viruses, rootkits etc. then linux may be a better substitute for you.People also choose linux because of its eye-candy without having to deal with patches, edits or the fear of crashing your system and files.Some people use linux because they develop many applications that may need testing on other platforms.One of the biggest features of linux is that it is open-source i.e. you can modify and distribute it's code to anybody without having to pay single penny........
.....that's right It's Free!!
GNU/Linux is not much popular because we work on windows most of our life and it's everywhere...we can't deny that but many people are nowadays shifting to linux in search of something new.There are many GNU/Linux distribution that you may try like Ubuntu, Fedora ,Linux Mint, Mandriva, Debian etc.
In case you are wondering why i keep saying GNU/Linux because linux is not an operating system but just a kernel, kernel is a process that is always running in an operating system, the GNU project which started in 1984 was to provide a Unix like OS to the public absolutly free so all the other components in Linux except the kernel were part of GNU project, when Linus Torvalds wrote a kernel and released it as open source, GNU/Linux or more commonly linux came into picture.
One of the most popular GNU/Linux operating systems available out there is Ubuntu 
You can also try other flavours of ubuntu like Kubuntu,edubuntu, Xubuntu etc.
They are almost the same , the difference is in the interface but you can later install these interfaces once you have the basic ubuntu installation.
There are may editions Desktop,server,netbook etc.

How to get Ubuntu : Ubuntu is a completely free operating system which can be downloaded at their website http://www.ubuntu.com/download where you can download a cd image which can later be burned to a disc.Earlier you could request a CD from them and it was mailed to your address free of cost! but now they have stopped that program because distributing free cd's worldwide doesn't come cheap!!
The latest version they have is Natty Narwhal (11.04) but you will be better if you download the Lucid(10.04) -LTS(long term support).
This cd can be used as a live cd and you can get the feel of ubuntu without changing a single file on your system.

So grab your copy of ubuntu and step into the world of linux...!! 

Next post about installing Ubuntu and configuring Ubuntu....

Ashish said...

Nice post bro ...... but you may have skipped the vi point of "Why people need to learn linux" ....as you have said linux is reliable and robust ..... because of which many company make their developers work on it ....... linux guarantees protection from viruses, spams, worms and other mawares via networks .....hence the server of most sites are created on linux......

Enjoy the info ..... :)

Dhiraj Thakur said...

Yes indeed and most companies also create their servers on linux because its free ;)

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